1. Unwarranted Touchy-Feely-Ness
Nov 2011 07

This one is actually inspired by a friend, the name of who will remain anonymous lest they see this and I get dubbed the “bad friend” (Womp womp). So, let me describe a little about the particular observation that led me (and probably the girl he was macking it to) to think, “Wow, what a FREAKIN creeper!”

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2. The X-Ray Vision Eyes
Dec 2011 04

Analogous to the previous post, here are a few disclaimers in an attempt to salvage any hope that you guys still think I’m a nice person… [Read more]

3. The Bug-Ya-Boo
Jan 2012 26

Ok sure, you’re a catch.
You’re sweet, incredibly kind to the ladies, a great snuggler, and may even write sappy love songs on your acoustic guitar for the ones that you care about. You have everything a woman could ever ask for in a man! So why, then, is it seemingly impossible for you to get the girl, despite your many tried attempts?

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