Why do people keep telling me I’m running away from something?

2 weeks.

That’s the amount of time left before I trade in my beach towel and burritos for spray tans and fist pumps.

Yup, that’s right. I’m moving back east (in case you missed my constant, almost-to-the-point-of-annoying stream of social media posts). After 10 years of bouncing around the country (first to Boston, then San Diego, then San Francisco, then internationally to London, and finally back to San Francisco), I’ll be reconnecting with my roots in the tri-state area. And I’m pretty damn excited, just as I’ve been excited for all my previous moves. Continue reading “Why do people keep telling me I’m running away from something?”

Netflix, existentialism, and the meaning of life

It’s 9:30 AM on a Thursday morning. I’m out the door, a disposition completely different from all the other mornings of this unemployed past month. It’s interview day. One more in the pile of mediocre positions that I’m applying to. Today’s company? A stuffy corporation that has coerced me to don the only pencil skirt and heels that I own.

As I’m trekking the mile and a half commute by foot (catching every pothole in the sidewalk with the spikes of my heels), I hear the voices of my peers pestering me about my “next move.”

Continue reading “Netflix, existentialism, and the meaning of life”

Quickie: Cable car sunset

The cable car is a staple in San Francisco culture. It’s incredible the way they move up the daunting hills of this city. And for some damn reason, they are even more magical amidst the backdrop of a beautiful sunset.

Quickie: An international city

Walking my dog, I ran into an acquaintance who had recently moved here from Greece. We found this little gem of a park in Nob Hill. As we observed the circle of dogs mount each other, he explained to me the unique features that differentiate Greek sculptures from others. This fountain apparently was NOT Greek.